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Movie Analysis : Ground Hogs Day Essays

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In the movie ground hogs day, the main character Phil Connors, a Pittsburgh TV weatherman wakes up repeatedly to the same day every day, Ground Hogs day. Once he realizes that every day he is waking up to the same day, he begins to direct his day differently. His actions were intended and determined because he knew what was going to happen because he experienced the day before. He had an option to allow what was destined to happen, happen or Instead, chose a different route.
Phil woke up this ground hogs day morning for the 98th time, but today he is so fed up and he knows that whatever happens he will wake up the next morning and it would be as if nothing has happened, and ground hogs day will begin over again.

Phil decides that instead of going to the town gathering to hear the forecast from the famous ground hog weather man, Punxsutawney Phil, he decides to go rob a bank. He walks into the bank punches the security guard in the face and takes his gun, he uses the gun to scare the bank employee into giving him the money. She hands over the cash as he loads it into his duffle bag. He walks out of the bank to find himself surrounded by a police force and helicopters. Phil drops his duffle bag of money and puts his hands in the air and gets on the floor. Phil is taken to jail where he awaits his lawyer. He is surprised to wake up the next morning to find it is no longer ground hogs day, but the day after. Now, he must deal with the consequences of his crime.
Once trial came around his attorneys defended him in court by calling to the stand “hard determinist”. His attorneys argue that he did not have a real choice to commit the crime. Phil was propelled in the direction by environmental circumstances and a personal history, wh...

... middle of paper ...

... we are unaware of now.

In conclusion, a hard determinist would argue that social forces outside our control shape everything we do. But in the case of ground hogs day, Phil was the force controlling and shaping his day. As a prosecutor on the opposing side of the hard determinist approach I would argue that Phil had free will. If it was a normal case in which a person did not wake up to the same day repeatedly I think a hard determinist view could be valid and further looked at. In the case where he knew his outcomes prior and acted upon them specifically to initiate other results, he obtained free will. The only way to obtain free will would be to have awareness of each factor that determines each thought and action, while also having complete and total control over those factors. Which in the instance of Ground Hogs Day and Ground Hogs Day only, was the case.

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