Essay about Movie Analysis : Good Luck

Essay about Movie Analysis : Good Luck

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Good Luck Sydney
As I was growing up one of my favorite television shows was Good Luck Charlie. Good Luck Charlie features a large family consisting of Amy and Bob Duncan who live with their four children Teddy, TJ, Gabe, and Charlie. Throughout the show Teddy documents life advice for her baby sister Charlie through a video camera. Good Luck Charlie relates to me because I come from a large, busy family, I am the eldest child of three in which I hold a lot of responsibility, and I document most of my life through pictures and journals in hopes that my siblings use my experiences to make their experiences easier just as Teddy.
To begin with, I relate to the Duncan family in Good Luck Charlie because of their similarities with our family, I have a lot of family members therefore we are always busy. In one of the episodes Amy, the mother of the family, is running around trying to get all of her kids where they need to be and accidently forgets her son Gabe at the grocery store. (Good Luck Charlie) My mom is always running around and doing errands for my siblings and I. Not as bad as forgetting her son at the store, but my mom has forgotten dates of appointments and we have gone to the doctor’s office a week before we were scheduled. Sometimes so much is going on that things just get miscommunicated. On Halloween, Bob Duncan did not have time to go all out on his costume and decided to wear his work uniform with a cape. (Good Luck Charlie) One Halloween when I was around the age of two, my mom had a Halloween party to take me too and did not have time to get me a costume. My mom ended up painting a pumpkin on my stomach and kept me in a diaper, similar to how Bob just added something to his normal attire. In most of the...

... middle of paper ... Teddy uses the video diary to recap her life every day almost like a diary but with advice. (Good Luck Charlie) When I was little my mom got me into writing in a journal at the end of my day. Every night ever since, I recap my day in a diary. Furthermore, I take pictures and document my life just like Teddy from Good Luck Charlie.
In short, I have a lot in common with the characters from the show Good Luck Charlie. Since I have a lot of members in my family, everyday life can get to be bit hectic like the Duncan’s. Being the oldest child in my family I mostly relate to Teddy and PJ with the amount of responsibility they hold. I have documented my life through pictures, videos, and a diary just like Teddy all my life. Ever since I was little I liked Good Luck Charlie, I did not realize I liked it so much because it related to my life in so many ways.

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