Movie Analysis : Fruitvale Station Essay

Movie Analysis : Fruitvale Station Essay

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The artifact I chose for this paper is a movie called Fruitvale Station. This movie is based on a true story and is about an African American male named Oscar Grant who finds himself in trouble with law enforcement. In the movie Oscar is shown as a man that is having problems in many aspects of his life. He has a four year old daughter that he cares deeply for. However, the relationship he has with his daughters mother is difficult. Oscar also lost his job which puts a strain on him paying his bills and caring for his family. Since he is desperate for extra cash he resorts to selling drugs to provide for his family. The movie shows flashbacks of Oscar having a history of being incarcerated. His relationship with his mother becomes challenging when he is prison. Oscar just like any other person is shown as someone who struggles with problems in his life. However, in the film Oscar is also shown as a man that profoundly cares about his family and friends. He is trying to make things right with his daughters mother and does everything he can to provide for his family. He wants to make sure his mother is happy. He is seen as a man who genuinely is trying to better himself as a person.
This film shows the last day of Oscar Grants life before he was fatally shot by an officer at a train station. Oscar goes out on New Years with his girlfriend and friends. Him and his friends decide to take a train into the city before midnight. As they are coming back home a man that seems to have had problems with Oscar in the past initiates a fight with him on the train. Oscars friends then get involved escalating the conflict. The train takes a sudden stop and law enforcement is called to get involved with the problem. The police officers arrive and...

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...a criminal justice student I think this class has been extremely beneficial and has opened up my eyes to something that was always in front of me. Before I received the knowledge I know now I believed that black men were committing more crimes and were more dangerous. If I would of seen Fruitvale Station before I would have seen the movies real message which is that it is a much more dangerous world for an African-America male. My mentality before was if you do not want trouble do not look for it. However, in many cases this in inevitable when it comes to African-America males. I am extremely grateful I was able to better understand about a problem that many people are not even aware about. What I have learned in this class and from The New Jim Crow has helped not only grow as a great criminal justice scholar but as part of the solution to this problem we are facing.

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