Movie Analysis : ' 50 First Dates ' Essay

Movie Analysis : ' 50 First Dates ' Essay

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Sometimes, a movie will surprise you. A story that you thought would be meaningless and shallow somehow manifests into an incredible tale filled with life lessons abounding. Such was the case with my chosen movie for this assignment, the popular romantic comedy “50 First Dates.”
This delightful story that has both elements of drama and comedy tells the story of the narcissistic Henry Roth, known far and wide for his playboy tendencies, and his journey to redefine his definition of love through the charming Lucy Whitmore. Meeting by chance at a small café on the coast of Oahu, Hawaii, the two immediately hit it off over a brunch of waffles and coffee. Henry is shocked to discover that what he had originally intended to be a simple one-night-stand is slowly becoming the girl of his dreams. This goes against every instinct in his body, and he does not know exactly how to handle it. However, he decides to give the relationship a fighting chance. Henry was excited at the possibilities ahead, and everything seemed to be going smoothly. That is, until the next day. Before parting ways wi...

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