Movie Analysis : Film Companies Disney & Pixar Essay

Movie Analysis : Film Companies Disney & Pixar Essay

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In 2015, film companies Disney & Pixar came together to create a very popular motion picture film, Inside Out. This film reflects the core emotions of a young child throughout early childhood. Inside out stole the attention of many families with its comical, yet, realistic and relatable story line. Young Minnesota girl, Riley, faces a life changing event and has to learn to adjust. However, this adjustment is not very easy for Riley. In this paper, I will summarize the film, compare the film with empirical studies, and lastly, I will give my feedback.
The movie begins with infant Riley developing her many emotions. As she experiences different events, she develops corresponding emotions. Events such as trying new foods, getting hurt, and getting told no, helped her develop her 5 core emotions: fear, disgust, anger, joy and sadness. Growing up in rural Minnesota as an only child, Riley, had a pretty normal lifestyle. She was developing and enjoying life, but then, everything changed.
At the age of 11, Riley’s family moved to urban San Francisco. This was a complete change of lifestyle for Riley and her family, which began to take a toll on Riley. Riley began to have troubles finding joy in this situation. She did not like her new home, her new room, or even her new school. While she was focusing on all the negative things in her life, she lost her sense of all joy.
This emotional imbalanced began to change Riley for the worse. She began to feel overwhelmed with anger, fear and disgust. All of these feelings caused Riley to make the poor decision of running away back to Minnesota. While the films setting is located in Riley’s brain, all of her emotions are working together to prevent her from making this terrible decision.

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Lastly, the film did not portray psychological stages very accurately. When Riley moved and loss her emotional balance, she was experiencing feeling of anger, disgust and dear. However, all the sudden, at once, Riley regained joy. There are many stages in the coping process that were not represented in the film. Someone does not simply just regain happiness on a flip of a dime. I found this to be very inaccurate. However, I do see that this was not a concentration of the film.
In conclusion, despite the discrepancies, I found this film to be very well rounded. This film was very entertaining for all audiences, but, also very well reflected real psychological studies. While watching the film, I found myself laughing, relating, and learning at the same time. I highly recommend this film to anyone, especially those who are very interested in psychology.

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