Movie Analysis : Crash, Film Directed And Produced By Paul Haggis Essay

Movie Analysis : Crash, Film Directed And Produced By Paul Haggis Essay

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Crash is an Oscar winning, American drama from 2004 written, directed and produced by Paul Haggis. The film is about racial tensions and the effect these tensions have on people showing their daily lives in Los Angeles, California post 9/11. The film asks hard hitting questions about racism and shows harsh realities that are normally avoided. Crash actually evolved from a real life incident where Haggis had his Porsche stolen outside of a video store in 1991 in Los Angeles. There are a variety of races in this movie, Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, Asians and a particular Persian family. Instead of the characters being shown as honest heroes and their best version of themselves, Haggis decides to show them at their lowest and worst moments. He shows them when they are or have been pushed to their personal limits. Throughout the movie, the characters try to confound or discredit their set stigma based on their race, although it always seems inevitable that they have to live in the society and set social class they are in, they have to live in their own truth. In the movie, character Anthony is faced with the question can we change habits based off social and racial injustice?
One of the main characters, Anthony, played by rapper/actor Chris “Ludacris” bridges is always trying to prove he is not the typical black male or young black thug throughout the movie, but he always succumbs to his surroundings and falls short until the end. Ludacris’ best friend in the movie, Peter played by Larenz Tate helps him steal cars and sells him to chop-shops as their income. Ludacris is obviously the alpha of the duo; he acclaims his dominance by always trying to prove he is more hood or has more thug in him than Tate. he says he has more experience in...

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... to the influences we have around us. Earlier in the movie, Tate and Ludacris run over a Chinese gentleman, instead of helping him as soon as it happened, Ludacris wanted to debate with Tate on what to do when Tate felt the first thing they should do was help the man. Instead they dropped him off outside of the hospital instead of taking him in and not throwing him out of the car like empty trash. Why did he not help the Chinese man under the truck but decided to help the immigrants? Who had different value? Moments like these make me question how he will handle his future encounters and endeavors in life. He definitely showed compassion for the shackled immigrants in the van but the fact still lies he had many chances in the film to help others or do the right thing. Unless his environment changes and he changes his mindset, the future is still unclear for Ludacris.

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