Movie Analysis : Car Radio Essay

Movie Analysis : Car Radio Essay

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“Car Radio” performed by Twenty One Pilots, is the song I have chosen to break down and explain why it relates to me in my life. It was around one to two years ago late at night when I discovered the song. I was in my room using the app called “Spotify” that plays random music based off an artist or song of your choosing. I was hanging in my room playing video games and surfing the internet when the song came on. Every word I heard I could easily relate them to my life. The song was released on “Youtube” April 19, 2013, but it was released as a single on March 18, 2014. “Car Radio” was written and recorded as Twenty One Pilots’ second and third studio album.
The song “Car Radio” has thousands of different explanations from thousands of different people. I took the time to create my own that easily connects with my reality. The main idea of the song is to somehow figure out how to regain happiness. Twenty One Pilots’ say, “I ponder of something great,” I think this is saying that I have an idea of my happiness. “I have these thoughts, so often I ought/To replace that slot ...

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