Movie Analysis : Bad Body Image Essay examples

Movie Analysis : Bad Body Image Essay examples

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Bad body image
Famous celebrities never did any form of exercise to having a bigger action hero figure. For example Brando never had to do any crunches, Al Pacino didn’t drink any protein shakes, Cary Grant never heard the name of burpees, BOSU balls, or human growth hormone. Today you don’t get yourself into a movie poster unless you have a super hero physique with close ups in high definition and have a good global market appeal. Getting there takes effort and dedication for an athlete that requires high intensity training, diets, protein supplements, and growth hormones. Actors will spend more time at the gym and trainer that they don’t spend any time rehearsing with their director. Five percent body fat is not everyone’s natural body type. Fitness goals are on point when it is time to film for sex scenes and shirtless moments. Trainers will dehydrate their client, switch him to a low or no sodium diets for 3-4 days, no carbs, drink herbal teas, and do cardio to sweat out the water. (Hill, Logan. "Building a Bigger Action Hero." N.p., May 2014. Web. 30 Oct. 2015).

Super heroes stories call us back to our childhood when right and wrong seemed easy to maintain. Super heroes save the day that is written are in every children’s book. Stories have the same pattern of the bad things that are about to happen when helps comes. The herion defends the helpless, arrests the villans, and puts their life at risk. Stories of heriosim have been around for centuries ,in the new decade these stories of characters have been introduced to the adults. Where did all the fasincation of super heroes come from? An unfourtunate event occurred on September 11, 2001 making it the first tragedy that America has ever witnessed. Emotio...

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...a and Katara in Avatar. She got criticized on Tumblr when other users saw her Deviant Art pictures. Tumblr users said that her complexion was being used offensively towards the character she was acting as. She responded to her critics saying her skin tone once she whitened skin in her other roles, not making it look like she darkened her complexion on purpose. In these direct quotes from Courtney ("What mostly upsets me is people assume that I use brown makeup and shame me for it, when in actuality, this summer I have used pale makeup for many of my costumes, because even though I’m Caucasian, I tan very easily, “People are just so eager to get offended and to shame and humiliate others… even biological processes make people upset." (Lauren Rae. "Torn between Cosplay and Reality-racial Barriers Spur Controversy." The Daily Dot. N.p., 29 Aug. 2012. Web. 20 Nov. 2015).

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