Movie Analysis : ' Always Running, Went Through Multiple Life Changing Events

Movie Analysis : ' Always Running, Went Through Multiple Life Changing Events

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Luis Rodriguez, the main character from the novel Always Running, went through multiple life-changing events that were unavoidable because Mexican’s socio-economic status at that time period. His lack of knowledge in certain situations provoked him to make consequential choices. Rodriguez faced death and dealt with complicated relationships, violence, and inequality at a young age. His emotions during these life-changing events molded him into an utterly wounded man internally, where he relied heavily on his affiliation with gangs to gain support, male domination, and protection from the informal subculture. However, the seductive bonds between the gang members and his friendship with influential leaders like Chente contributed to his entry and exit of gang association.
Luis Rodriguez blames society for forcing him to become overwhelmed, directing him towards unbearable decisions that affected him and his future children tremendously. At that time in Los Angeles, segregation was at its worst. Children were segregated in schools and neighborhoods based on their ethnicity and race. This practice of social injustice led to the creation of barrios, where Mexicans were forced to only interact with people of the same ethnicity. The unstructured groups in that society triggered the sensation of wanting to fit in and feel protected in him, since it was difficult to find someone to dominate the social recreation due to extreme poverty. As he mentioned, “People can 't just consume in this society; they have to sell something, including their ability to work. If decent work is unavailable, people will do the next best thing-such as sell sex or dope”(Rodriguez pg. 142). In other words, Mexicans were limited and were denied basic constitutiona...

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...Due to the influential people in his life, Rodriguez received a scholarship and became even more motivated to continue his pursuit of an education.
Overall, Luis Rodriguez overcame traumatic and violent events caused by people around him. He did not have the opportunity to improve in the school system due to racism and racial prejudice. He did not know how to overcome many obstacles, since he lacked an ideal leader, therefore making him feel defenseless. He turned to a world full of corruptive people and gangs in order to make himself feel protected and secure. Luckily, he was able to lure himself out of these social groups with the help of some influential counselors. As Chente once stated “There are choices you have to make not just once but every time they come up”(pg. 132). As Luis demonstrated, someone can always find motivation in the most dire of circumstances

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