Essay on The Movie ' A Walk For Remember '

Essay on The Movie ' A Walk For Remember '

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In today’s society, it is said that love is known as being one of the most profound emotions known to man. In the movie A Walk to Remember, the film tells a story about two teenagers at the age of 17 who initially moved in different social circles and were seen as being completely different by their peers. Being that, Jamie (played by Mandy Moore) was a quiet and religious girl whose father was their town’s minister, and Landon (played by Shane West) who was seen as being popular and was constantly referenced to as being a “bad-boy”. However, due to one of Landon’s reckless decisions that he made in the beginning of the movie, Landon must participate in the school play which was where both individuals began to interact more and gradually began to gain feelings for one another. Therefore, in A Walk to Remember, not only does Adam Shankman (the director) create an excellent example of the development of an interpersonal relationship, but he also touches on the ideas of what a relationship must consist of in order to overcome any obstacles that are intentional or unintentional during a romantic relationship.
With this being said, it has always been a mystery to some individuals on how a romantic relationship is even developed. In relation, Mark L. Knapp and Anita L. Vangelisti’s model of interpersonal relationships, expresses that in order to develop a relationship one must go through the initiating, exploratory, intensification, stable, declining, and termination stages (qtd. in O’Hair, et al. 159). Additionally, in our textbooks it is said that in order for a couple to reach the initiating stage, one or both individuals involved must make contact with each other, for example, by saying hello. Then, heading into the exploratory and ...

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...nce a miracle of true love and what it is like to understand the meaning behind “Love is like the wind; you can’t see it, but you can feel it” (A Walk to Remember).
In short, not only did I choose this movie for its excellent examples of what an interpersonal romantic relationship is like, but also because of the idea that when I thought about relationships, this was the one movie I immediately thought of. After all, this movie was structured around the idea that no matter what obstacles a relationship is faced with, a couple has the ability to overcome those obstacles as long as they put forth effort. As for my views on this movie, I believe that Adam Shankman did a fantastic job at creating a film that not only makes a viewer feel as if they were playing the lead role as either Jamie or Landon, but by making an emotional and realistic film that anyone could enjoy.

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