Essay about The Mountains Of The Incan Civilization

Essay about The Mountains Of The Incan Civilization

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The Andes mountains encompassed of the Incan civilization. The Inca civilization extended across Western South America from about the city of Quito to Santiago (Cartwright, 2014). The Incan empire is known to be one of the largest empire to have existed (Cartwright). The empire created their own language, Quecha, in order to have one common language, but local groups could use their own language (Merriman, Burger and Salazar, 2003). Due to the fact that they did not have any actual written language it is difficult for scholars to further study about them (Merriman, Burger and Salazar). In regard to the building of this empire there are various myths that are told in which describe the way the Incan civilization was created. One of the popular myths is that the god Viracocha came out of the Pacific Ocean and created the sun along with ethnic groups (Cartwright). Those people created were buried in the earth and later sprung from springs and rocks into the earth again (Cartwright). The Incas would refer to themselves as “children of the sun” since they were created by Tiwanaku, god of the sun (Cartwright). These myths were created in order for them to be told for further civilizations to come. Although these myths helped to keep the Incas known as the “chosen” people, archeologists have found that they settled into the Cuzco Valley around 4500 BCE (Cartwright). After Pachakuti, the Inca leader, defeated the Chanca the Incas began to expand their civilization South of all directions (Cartwright). Their hope was to continue to find resources to keep surviving. The Incan people settled in one of the starkest mountains but yet they managed to live Graber, 2011). The Andes mountains contain very steep slopes and irregular waterways. As...

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...ity for them.
The demise of the Incas came when the Spanish conquistadores took advantage of the middle decades (Cartwright). The Spanish conquistadores was led by Francisco Pizarro and the Incas were not yet mature enough as an empire to withstand the Spanish. The Incas were at war in Ecuador after there was a second Incan capital established there (Cartwright). Aside from the battles that the Incas faced their greatest threat were European diseases like smallpox (Cartwright). With all of the rebellion, the wars and incurable diseases the Incan empire could not withstand to keep their empire from deteriorating. Due to the lack of resources, lack of knowledge and lack of science the Incas could have perhaps managed to salvage a part of their empire. Although the Incan empire was defeated it is still the largest and wealthiest empires that has existed until this day.

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