Mountains Beyond Mountains, By Tracy Kidder, And Watching An Interview From Time Magazine On Paul Farmer

Mountains Beyond Mountains, By Tracy Kidder, And Watching An Interview From Time Magazine On Paul Farmer

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After reading the book Mountains Beyond Mountains, by Tracy Kidder, and watching an interview from Time Magazine on Paul Farmer, viewers will recognize common themes that Paul Farmer conveys throughout the book and interview. The themes embraced throughout are bringing health care to impoverished nations, spreading awareness of new diseases, and not giving up on the nations or patients.
As Paul Farmer pursues to bring health care to impoverished nations, he builds the health care systems, is able to provide services for ones living in poverty, and speaks about the improved health care system in Cuba. While watching Paul Farmer’s interview, he made it clear that giving impoverished nations health care will benefit them all. He says, “Is that because someone like me went and delivered care to an individual patient, or is it because people thought about the systems of health care delivery and how to bring them up to scale for all Rwanda’s and it’s really the ladder” (Time). By giving people health care in Rwanda it has remarkably increased their life expectancy and reduced the deaths of patients who already have a disease. Mountains Beyond Mountains, also pointed out how Farmer’s main goal was providing services for the poor in Haiti. Kidder explains, “The rest of the year he worked without pay in Haiti, mainly doctoring peasants who had lost their land to a hydroelectric dam” (7). Because Farmer wants nations in poverty to have better health care, he helps people get back on their feet who have been terribly sick and struggling, which he does with no pay. When Farmer visited Cuba, he saw the progress in health care that the country had made since its revolution. Kidder mentions:
By American standards Cuban doctors lacked equipme...

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...numerous creations for the town, projects he wanted completed, and the health care system; overall, he wanted Haiti to not be in poverty any longer. Farmer spend countless days and nights finding a way to improve nations, and giving each patient the care they needed, throughout it all, he never gave up on them.
From reading Mountains Beyond Mountains and watching the Time Magazine on Paul Farmer, you can tell Farmer is dedicated to his work. He looks at everything in depth and never gives up. He believes that every nation should be able to have health care that can provide for all their people, so they won’t have to be living in poverty. I agree, if a nation is in poverty, countries that aren’t should be willing to help them as much as they can. Farmer is unlike many, his perspective on health justice is extraordinary and more people should think the way he does.

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