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The Motor Of The World Essay

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The motor of the world
Who is John Galt? John Galt is the ideal man. Ayn Rand illustrates the embodiment of the lost virtue—the human mind— in John’s character through his juxtaposition against the modern “man”. In the collectivist society portrayed in Atlas Shrugged, men are punished for using their only method of survival—thinking. John Galt utilizes his mind to create achievements and prosperity. By vowing to live his life only according to his own selfish ends, he earns the right to live freely to delight in this virtue. This highest virtue is the value he holds of his own life—a demonstration of his eternal love to life itself.
As the leader of the strike, John Galt stopped the motor of the world the moment he refused to follow the plan the Starnes heirs proclaimed, which was a death sentence to the human minds in the Twentieth Century Motor Company. According to their “business plan”, the workers would receive payment according to their need and would be assigned work hours according to their ability. The Starnes’ plan had only one purpose: the destruction of the mind. John Galt could not work under such conditions, as it refuted against everything he stands for. From that day on, John Galt proclaimed to the world that he was going to stop the “motor of the world”
Due to his apt rational skills, John Galt results in a vital element contributing to society’s self-sufficiency. Without him or any of the able men in the novel, the looters cannot survive. The looters need the mind of the able men to produce and invent, but instead of trading with them, they use undeserved guilt as a weapon of self-sacrifice used solely for exploitation.
John enlightened the able men who had lived under his same morality throughout their lives a...

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...italist values remain intact from corruption. A place where production is rewarded, or better said, matched by the payment of those who freely choose to engage in a mutual contract of trade. Mind for Mind. Production for Payment. That is how humans are meant to interact with each other, Galt declares.
Reason, is the human virtue John Galt stands for. Without reason, man is not man. Therfore, reason gives us the innate property of the human experience. Covering the truth leads to a deliberate self-denial that destroys the self. To be blind to the power of human thinking in the Universe, is to be blind of one’s very existence and essence. As John Galt says: “My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute”.

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