Essay The Motive Of Herbert Bethune 's The Burglar

Essay The Motive Of Herbert Bethune 's The Burglar

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The motive of Herbert Bethune’s The Burglar was to create a significant contrast in which a person who is not black desires African American characteristics and traits. Bethune romanticizes this contrast through Mary Alice’s fascination for Tanganyika 's culture and arousal rather than fear of the African burglar in her home.
The author’s Ethos is a far cry from traditional perspective and expectancy; the posture through his language was deviant and very off guard. Where any traditional wife finds sadness, Mary Alice finds relief, and the way that he depicts this contrast portrays his perception of marriage and culture. I believe that Bethune is a strong believer of the theory that distance amends and strengthens relationships. His tone and stance is also seen in the way he describes Tanganyika 's traits and culture, and in the way that Mary Alice desires these things. He centers the entire story around her admiration for these people and in her inner desire to look like the African women. Within this, I can infer that his initial stance is that African American culture is desirable and beautiful, even.
The romanticizing and integration of African American culture into American pop culture can be seen in today’s recent music by Kanye West and can be traced back to the Jazz Age/Roaring Twenties. Within this art of expression African Americans have managed to create something desirable. The fact that the Jazz Age went down in American history textbooks was a real life example, in itself, that African American music is something beautiful and significant enough to deserve its own Age.
Beyond Bethune’s response to the problem of Mary Alice’s marriage and the actual burglary he wants us to experience irony alongside the text. He ...

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...ost of the Germans in the film were cheering a praising Hitler, all in order to sell to viewers that Germany was happy and ideal. Riefenstahl sensationalizes Germany in order to appeal to certain audiences. This source aids in my motive because it shows how an author/director makes certain choices in what he/she includes and how he/she includes it in order to appeal and persuade an audience. Frazier was very accurate in his depiction of Brooklyn but the manner in which he nonchalantly explains unpleasant situations implies that Brooklyn is beautiful despite its flaws.
Beyond the character’s response to the immediate problem, Frazier wants us to see how beautiful Brooklyn is despite popular misconception. The larger cultural implications would be that perception is key in identifying a particular thing; that Brooklyn, ironically, is beautiful and can be comforting.

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