The Motivators Behind The Bosnian War Essay

The Motivators Behind The Bosnian War Essay

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The motivators behind the Bosnian War lie within the history of the Balkan peninsula. According to United to End Genocide.Org, “The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was formed at the end of World War II. The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was comprised of Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, and Macedonia with numerous ethnic groups making up the population” United to End Genocide). Within these different ethnic groups also includes many different religions. Naturally this merger had caused a lot of tension within the Balkans as there were changes within the cultures that everyone had once been accustomed to. However, eventually President Josip Broz Tito came into in 1943.

It was said that he ruled as more of a dictators and he kept everyone in check and conflict/tension to a minimum. United to Genocide explained that while Tito ran a tight ship so to speak and had been considered quite ruthless, he was able to ensure that no ethnic group had been able to dominate the country. Under his rule, Tito sought to create a unified Yugoslav identity. United to End Genocide). This idea had come to an end in 1980. Conflicts began to arise after the death of President Josip Broz Tito. The notion of a unified Yugoslav identity had begun to unravel.

United to End Genocide wrote, “The various ethnic groups and republics inside Yugoslavia sought independence, and as the end of the Cold War neared, the country spiraled out of control. Serb nationalism was fueled as Slobodan Milosevic rose to power in 1987” (United to End Genocide). Moreover, it could be argued that Milosevic used nationalist feelings to his advantage and created new laws and changes to the constitution to benefit the Serbian people. Milosevic then went on to intens...

... middle of paper ... says that he has never seen that and that the other side was responsible. Ciki later forces Nino to proclaim that Bosnia was to blame, as he held him at gun point. Later on in the film, the tables turn. Nino has the gun and he demands that Ciki claims that his side is responsible for the war, just as Ciki had done to him.

I found this scene to be compelling. I believe it demonstrates the ethnic tensions between both sides, and the perceptions that they had been led to believe during the war by their sides. As had been mentioned, it was once the goal to establish a unified Yugoslav identity, that no one ethnic group shall rule above others. However, this idea crumbled when Milosevic gained the power. Within the film, the ethnic tension between the two men likely also relates to the tension caused by the identity struggles that had occurred within this region

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