Essay about Motivational Theories, Characteristics Of A Positive Work Environment

Essay about Motivational Theories, Characteristics Of A Positive Work Environment

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In the following assignment, we are going to talk about motivation and how important it is for every organization to keep its employees motivated. Also, we will discuss different types of motivational theories, characteristics of a positive work environment, HR practices that positively influence affective process and behavioral process which includes motivation, job satisfaction, commitment, fair treatment, respect, health and wellness, diversity, effort, reduced turnover, absenteeism etc. In addition to this we will learn synthesis of Hackman and Oldham’s job characteristics, employees’ psychological state in relation to work outcomes and relationship between Maslow’s general components and job characteristics in view of motivating and engaging employees in organization. This assignment will help you to analyze the importance of motivation.
Motivation signifies the reasons for person’s needs, desires and actions. It can be termed as how a person behaves, or how can a person improve his behavior. We can also say that motive is what influences a person to behave in a certain way. Motivation helps in achieving success. If your employees are motivated then automatically organizational goals will be accomplished. Every organization needs to keep its employees motivated and give best of their abilities. In an organization it is not possible that every employee wants same type of satisfaction so different motivational theories should be used to satisfy employee’s needs and wants. Motivating employees and getting things done from them is not an easy task. Even scientists are studying motivation for years trying to make out how and why an employee’s behavior can be motivated. (Very well, 2016)
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...r should achieve its goals in honest, ethical ways with a motive to improve humanity and the planet. Also, a positive environment outlines the demonstrative behavior and goals which assures the customers, shareholders and all the related people who are connected with the company.

Relaxed and Productive Atmosphere
Generally people enjoy their jobs when they are appreciated, rewarded and acknowledged. Things like sexual harassment, bullying, fear of something and intimidation should not be there in any organization. In fact productive thinking, creativity and thinking beyond the box should be followed.

Commitment to Excellence
Every employee working in an organization should give its best. It is their duty to deliver excellent quality services and products and take full responsibility for every decision and action they are taking.

Open and Honest Communication

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