Essay on Motivational Theories Behind Employment Philosophies At Sas

Essay on Motivational Theories Behind Employment Philosophies At Sas

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The Motivational Theories Behind Employment Philosophies at SAS
Attracting and retaining the best employees is a priority of most companies. Generally speaking, employees are the largest overhead expense for most employers. For these reasons, it is crucial to not only attract the best employees, but also to keep valuable employees. Being named one of the best employers is a valuable honor, and an honor that SAS has earned multiple times over multiple years on different lists (cite sasranks). The ability of SAS to attract and retain employees is undoubtedly linked to their consistent success and profit, even in difficult years (cite rowley). A critical look at SAS and their employment philosophies reveals how SAS leverages motivational theories to attract and retain top talent.
Many psychologists have studied motivational theories. In particular, there is a wealth of research in motivational studies and how these theories relate to the workplace. One area motivation theories focus on when it comes to employment, is employee retention and other behavior within the workplace (cite review). A careful look at these theories and how they apply to the workplace can uncover important information regarding why employees stay or leave, whether or not employees are happy and how the employees satisfaction relates to the success of a business. Applying these theories to the employment philosophies at SAS illustrates many reasons for their excellent retention, employee satisfaction and low turnover (cite rowley).
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At first glance, the employment philosophies at SAS seem to be fairly straightforward. SAS promises a great work environment and quotes many happy employees to paint a picture of the ideal workplace (cite...

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...points out that employees spend 54% of their waking hours at work and implies that this time would be time well spent for an employee working at SAS. SAS specifically mentions projects that help with education, crime and even hunger. This tells potential employees that a choice to work at SAS is a choice to help make the world a better place.
What looked like a standard informational site to attract potential employees at SAS is, in fact, a study in motivational theories. These theories are in place so SAS can attract the best and brightest employees. Furthermore, SAS lays the foundation before an employee comes to work, which is built into the corporate culture. By advertising and using motivational theories to attract employees who will fit the corporate culture, SAS can continue its reign of being known as a preferred employer and a successful business.

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