Essay on Motivational Potential For Guest Service Staff

Essay on Motivational Potential For Guest Service Staff

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Motivational Potential
As in service industry, customer service weighs a lot in management considerations of expansion. From the previous report, we learned that people can be motivated by different things, and managers use various methods to evaluate employees. By analyzing with the JCM, we gained the explanation of motivational potentials for guest service staff.

Skill Variety
Various skills are needed for accomplished different kinds of tasks
Task Identity
An employee serves part of the whole guest experience
Task Significance

Small task weighs little in the whole hotel services, but it can have huge impact on guest experiences and the impression of hotel
The staff has supervision from upper management, assigned work role and immediate request from customers
Service work nature gains feedback frequently and timely from customers
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Guest service staff needs to have high degree of skill variety, including conceptual, physical, technical and people skills. With the conceptual skill, employees will be able to formulate the process and solve problems. The main task for guest service staff is to do various jobs to help with customers’ needs and understand the entire guest experience in diverse ways. To keep the flexible schedule, the staff must be organized and willing to be deployed wherever needed in their working period. Physical skill can be a requirement for guest service, because the variety of the job nature sometimes offers the physical challenge like moving heavy luggage in long distance or working and standing in long hours. Guest service staff works on check-in to cleaning, and communicating with customers, colleagues and supervisors exists in ev...

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...employees who got the highest average quarterly will win the reward, but same person cannot be rewarded in two continuous quarters. To achieve high degree of expectancy, this program makes employees performances publicly monitored by the customers and supervisors, and celebrate the achievement of winning reward to set acceptable goals. Similarly, good behavior links to the reward and high degree of instrumentality. Positive reinforcement builds up employees motivation and ambition to perform better. Company will expect high degree of valence through the analysis of Job Characteristics Model that employees wol can perform with standards and beyond will fairly get the reward.
Through the complete analysis of expectancy theory, by using these two incentive programs we proposed, SunCoast can efficiently motivate guest service staff to perform the tasks in a better way.

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