Essay on Motivational Interviewing ( Mi )

Essay on Motivational Interviewing ( Mi )

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Motivational interviewing (MI) is a form of interviewing to promote change talk. It is not a way to make people do things they do not want to do, but instead is a way to motivate them into accomplishing the good changes they have been thinking of. The spirit of motivational interviewing is that it is collaborative, evocative and it honours patient autonomy. Collaboration addresses the specific situation where client behaviour change is required, and this is achieved by working together, as counsellor and client, to find the answer. Unlike motivational interviewing, heath care often gives the client what they lack, whether that be medication or an answer to fix their problem. MI invokes what clients already have within to find the answer they are looking for, which is why it is evocative. Lastly, MI requires a certain degree of attachment from outcomes, meaning that the client is attached to the end goal or outcome of their issue. As a counsellor, you can help the client find that answer or discover what they want to do/change, by guiding them in the right direction with specific questions. This is what we did when creating our counselling videos, while maintaining an open body posture and eye contact, asking open ended questions and summarizing what they are saying to ensure both are on the same page, by using minimal encouragers and asking appropriate questions, we were able to encourage the client to open up and speak about their issues while also coming to a conclusion about their next steps to change/recovery.
When watching my motivational video with Annie, I found that I could have spoken up more so that Annie could hear me better. I also found that I could have made better eye contact. I thought I had open body posture when ...

... middle of paper ...

... summarized frequently, ensuring she was on the same page with her client. Olivia did suggest a solution for Kayla, rather than guiding for to come to that conclusion her self, however overall Olivia’s video was well done.
Watching the other girls’ videos after my own, I wonder if I also jumped to find an answer for Annie, or if I allowed Annie to come to the conclusion herself. I tried to do the latter, though they may have found I was unsuccessful with that aspect as I found them to be. I think all four of us hit most of the key points in motivational interviewing, and followed the four guiding principles (RULE) and spirit of MI. Although we all have points to work on, that mostly being eye contact and asking specific questions properly to ensure the client finds their answer, I think we all did a great job for our first time, and will be successful in the future.

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