Essay about The Motivational Force That Helps Guide Me Through Life

Essay about The Motivational Force That Helps Guide Me Through Life

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Words are a necessary evil within society that people have been using for thousands of
years. They are used to express ones’ feelings or emotions with an attached meaning to another person. Even the simplest of words may have the tendency profound impact on someone’s life. No matter what the word or phase may be, it will affect ones’ attitude or behavior in different ways. Powerful words have always been the motivational force that helps guide me through life, turning a negative situation into a positive one.

Despite the fact of how long ago fourth grade was for me, I will never cease to remember the first week of which I enrolled at my new school. The first few days I was there, I took note of my surroundings. The classrooms were cramped, and the desks squeaked as you climbed up into the cold, unforgiving metal contraption. The hallways looked like endless, dimly lit maze trails which were used to keep the kids from finding an escape. Worst of all was the smell, I will never forget the sour stench of the strong bathroom chemicals the custodian used to clean it with. Its odor was as if the school wanted you to abandon all hope and deter you from finding solace anywhere, it smelled like death. To me, this new surrounding was hostile, and many of the kids I saw laughing and talking to others had the luxury of friendship.

Shaw 2

As I sat in the lunch room and tried to enjoy a stale peanut butter and jelly sandwich alone, I heard a clear and distinct voice through the rowdy lunch room. I turned my head, as I was unsure if the voice was directed at me. To my surprise it was one of the kids from my math
class. He asked me if I was having fun sitting by myself, I told him sarcastically it was very en...

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... first friend he made. I saw a lot of myself in Nick, especially because of the struggle we both faced when we came to this new environment. Not long after we became acquainted with one another, we quickly became good friends.
At the end of our senior year, the day of graduation, we sat next to each other in the auditorium. After everyone walked across the stage and got our diplomas, the principal congratulated everyone and we all threw our hats into the air. With a big smile on his face, and with the crowd of newly graduated seniors roaring, Nick turned to me and said, “Whats your favorite animal?” I laughed when heard that because it reminded me of what Phil said and how he affected me for the rest of my time in high school. Who knew such a short simple phrase could have such an impact on a persons life. How it can turn a negative situation into a positive

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