Motivation to Engage in Digital Music Piracy Essay

Motivation to Engage in Digital Music Piracy Essay

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Participants for this study are going to be a group of full-time college students from North Carolina State University, in a wide range of majors, with a wide variety of ethnicities. An even number of men and women will be sampled, 50 percent women (100 women) and 50 percent men (100 men). The students will range from 17-26. I will send an N.C. State e-mail out and the first 100 men and the first 100 women who sign up will be the participants. Upon voluntary participation, the students will be compensated with extra credit for participating in the study. The survey includes a filter question, “How often do you download music without paying for it, using an illegal program?” to select qualified samples (Sheehan, Tsao, & Yang, 2010). The questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. The questions will be measured using a five-point Likert Scale (1=never, 2= rarely, 3= sometimes, 4 =often, and 5= always. Respondents who answer never will be excluded for analysis. Table 1 under Appendix B provides demographic profile of the samples from a similar previous study.
The survey questionnaire includes 59 questions developed with reference to the studies of Thurau and Hennig (2007) and Rochelandet and Le Guel (2005) (See Appendix E). These will be presented in small groups with five participants at a time. A number will identify each of the students and each student will complete a survey packet with numerous questions. Due to the private nature of the questions and the legal ramifications that could happen, the questionnaire is not available to the public. However the results garnered from previous studies using a similar questionnaire from Hennig-Thurau can be found. (See Appendix E)

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