Motivation Is The Best Business Strategy For A Business Organization Depends On The Method Of Motivation

Motivation Is The Best Business Strategy For A Business Organization Depends On The Method Of Motivation

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Describe a range of different methods that can be used to motivate staff

Motivation is the best business strategy which can encourage staff to give their best effort. Moreover, the success of the business and organization depends on the method of motivation. According to Wainer & Rubin (cited in Winter, Journal of Personality, 76(6), p. 1637), a small business can easily be getting a high level of success because of motivation. Motivated employees are the significant part of entrepreneur. As a result, a business can easily acquire their high prosperity (Donkin, Optometry Today, 52(8), 2012). For this reason, method of motivation is the best strategy for business.

In this essay, the following definitions will be used. According to Lowy (Australian Financial review, 2002, p. 55), motivation is an internal process that influences staff to involve in specific attitudes which depend on some complicated factors such as the culture of organization, management leadership style, organizational structure, job design, HR policy and also employee’s personality, skill, knowledge and abilities. Secondly, individual motivation can help to carry out the best work by applying some important elements such as incentives, reward, leadership, and importantly (Armstrong, 2010, p. 251).

This essay will discuss methods of motivation: job design, reward, employment relationship, quality of life program, and money or payment method.

Job design is the work arrangement aimed at reducing job dissatisfaction and employee alienation arising from repetitive and mechanistic tasks. Through job design, organizations can raise productivity level by offering non-monetary reward. It is greater satisfaction from a sense of personal achievement in meeting the i...

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...loyees only if certain conditions are met: Employees must attach a high positive valence to pay, must believe that good performance leads to high pay, the quality of their job performance primarily reflects how hard they are trying, the positive outcomes tied to good performance as being greater than the negative ones, and must see good performance as the most desirable of all possible behaviors. Therefore, increase the effectiveness of the HR manager in helping managers to successfully motivate their employees to achieve the organization’s strategic business objectives.

In conclusion, job design, reward, employment relationship, quality of life program and payment method are the main feature of motivation. Therefore, it must be concern in human resource practitioners in their capacity of helping the business to make the best use of its people.

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