Motivation Is Key For Success When Running A Business Essay

Motivation Is Key For Success When Running A Business Essay

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In today Society’s motivation is key to success when running a business. It is always important to know whom to trust when it comes to be a perfect a store manager, also you need to be aware of the type of employees you have to perform the journey with you. In the case study playing the manage role has many problems to deal with, but one is definitely motivation. What is motivation? Motivation is the general desire or willingness of someone to do something (Mariam Webster, 1947). With all that being said let see how the team of perfect Pizzeria in Southville Southern Illinois get to react when their manager place a notice on the bulletin board of anyone who found guilty would immediately be determinates.
In the beginning, the employees of Perfect Pizzeria were ready and willing to work and do whatever it take to do their job cause they know at South Ville job where pretty much limited. Being the manager at the Perfect Pizzeria I wouldn 't be so concerned with keeping the percentages low, because as shown it doesn 't lead to an accepted performance level. However it tends to yield the wrong message the manager is trying to get across, instead of optimal performance it comes across as greediness so the manager can get a bonus while the employees in return receive nothing for the extra work and concentration toward detail.
The employees were mostly college students, with a few high school students performing the less -challenging jobs. Since Perfect Pizzeria was located in an area with few job opportunities, it had a relatively easy task of filling its employee quotas. All the employees, with the exception of the manager, were employed part time and were paid the minimum wage. The Perfect Pizzeria system is devised so that food...

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...iness and they all are very important. Employees directly interpret perception; which influences motivation and communication favorably or unfavorably. A manager needs to present him or herself in a way that employees are comfortable communicating efficiently with the employee.
To be part of a team that clicks is an awesome feeling. The whole group is flowing together as one, everyone sharing the same common goal that started out with a basis idea. The team distributes the basic idea to the members of the team who may have separate functions, but all combine their ideas in the end to become part of the master plan. The team has experience a lot of conflict, which has helped them focus on the project at hand and be successful at it. Looking forward in order for our team to be a high-performance team we need to focus on better communication and time management skills.

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