Motivation Is An Important Element That Shapes Employees ' Behaviour Within An Organization

Motivation Is An Important Element That Shapes Employees ' Behaviour Within An Organization

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Motivation is an important element that shapes employees’ behaviour within an organisation because it provides the momentum for employees be persistent and committed when it comes to striving towards organisational goals (McShane, Olekalns & Travaglione, 2010). During my internship in Prestar Resources, a medium-sized manufacturing company located in Malaysia, I have noticed a stigma exists in the company that employees working on hourly basis are not working on their full capacity due to lack of motivation. These employees often find ways to past time by engaging in activities that they are not supposed to do at work. For instance, some constantly make personal calls, actively being in social network, and leaving work to run personal errands which ultimately decrease productivity in workplace. From my observation, these employees are working for the sake of pay cheque as Prestar offers wages that are above industry average. These behaviours have also negatively affected the workplace and other employees. As I remember, one of the employees, Ihsan has reported to the management team that less productive employees are being paid as much as those who worked hard, creating an unfair work environment. This scenario can be linked to the Equity Theory, which states that how perceptions of fairness are development in the distribution and exchange of resources (McShane, Olekalns & Travaglione, 2010). As such, hardworking employees in Prestar believes that they deserved to be rewarded more for the amount of hardwork and effort they put into work. This eventually caused respective employees to respond to the feeling of being “under-rewarded”, hence they reduce the amount of effort put into work which inadvertently reduce productivity in the...

... middle of paper ... direct communication might cause employees to have more empathy towards the decision made by the management team. In order words, it may help to reduce the conflict within the workplace and increase overall efficiency.
Having motivated employees and smooth communication through out the organisation are vital in the process of achieving organisational success. Therefore, it is important for modern managers to address and resolve these issues effectively as it may deter overall organisational performance. Although the internship experience was awful, but it has allowed me to understand the importance of employee motivaton and communication in the workplace. Hence, I have decided that if one day I have the change to be a manager, I will take necessary steps to prevent and ensure that these issues are resolve effectively to create a productive work environment.

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