Essay on Motivation by Internal Staff Events

Essay on Motivation by Internal Staff Events

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Motivation is the way to let a person to be moved to do something (Ryan & Deci, 2000, p54). Nowadays, most companies all around the world start to reduce their budget for motivating their staff (Quarterly, 2009, p2). However, some other companies try to use other ways to motivate their staff in order to develop their talent and make profits (Quarterly, 2009, p2). It is interesting that why different companies and organizations try to use two totally opposite way to manage their financial problems. In one opinion, there could be two reasons. The first is that the cost of motivating staff is relatively high. The second reason may be that although a company has spend a lot of money on motivating, the effect from motivating do not worth the value. There are five different types of internal staff events. They are incentive, conference, teambuilding and training and award ceremony. This essay will first assess the use of four internal staff events in an organization's strategy, and then evaluate the internal staff event industry has not been affected by the economic downturn too much.

Incentive is a kind of motivation which tries to spend money directly to held activities to motivation (Fisher, 1995). Incentives are growing in importance as a tool of management to develop the creativity, skills and human capital of workers to gain the organizational goals (McKenzie & Lee, 1998). An organization named The Business Visits & Events Partnership (BVEP) reported that the value equates to an estimated tourism income worth £22 billion all over the United Kingdom (O'Toole & McDonnell & Harris & Allen & Bowdin, 2012, p25). There is a sentence from Davidson (2009) that can perfectly show the importance of business tourism for an organization. "...

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