Motivation at Work: Motivational Theories Essay

Motivation at Work: Motivational Theories Essay

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The field of business has grown exponentially in every aspect, from small, innovative companies springing up to huge corporations that dominate their spheres. All this growth leads to great change in the inner workings of any business; strategies and theories abound as establishments attempt to beat their competitors. Amongst all this competition, many companies look to their employees to be the deciding factor in their success, and as such, employee motivation has not only grown to become a matter of great importance to most businesses, but has often laid down the foundations to their prosperity.

Many theories have been put forth to help guide managers and businesses on how they should handle their workforce, which has lead to the possibility of businesses being able to take a wide and all encompassing view on their motivational capabilities and options. However, this is not to say that the task of employee stimulation is an easy one. Many aspects decide on the success of these motivational strategies, with every business having their own differences. Yet with the use of these strategies, theories, guidelines and a touch of innovation many businesses have found their own niche to positive results.

A busy, determined and clever worker is often able to make a success of himself in the field of business. With this mentality, many employees hope to show off their skills and ability so that they can succeed. This attitude is the foundation of the theory of equity, based on the work of J. Stacy Adams, which attempts to explain the relationship between employee satisfaction and effort. Simply put, it illustrates that a worker will only be happy if he is rewarded according to the amount of effort he puts in. If another worker does equ...

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...have developed a system that has and continues to produce favorable results for themselves.

Motivational theories are but a guideline to any business structure, every company has different situations and conditions. Yet the satisfaction of employees is a vital component to the success of companies in the competitive market that is today, thus it would be remiss to not follow in the footsteps of companies such as Google and use motivation in the workforce as an essential and pivotal tool to success.

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