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Motivation and Problem Resolution in the Workplace Essay example

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The old proverb you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink stands true for some leaders today as many employees are led to something but only accomplishes what the employee wants to accomplish. However, if the leader of employees, similar to the leader of the horse, knows their followers, the leader will know when the employees are thirsty and for what they thirst. If the leader knows their employee they lead the follows to water, the followers will drink the majority of the time. Ironically, if a leader is truly observant and earnest, the follower might lead the leader to where the follower wants to go.
The concept above is not that difficult to understand, but for some it is very difficult to achieve. Why? Some leaders either forgot or just do not take time to know their employees (Bell & Smith, 2010). De Meuse, Dai, and Wu (2011) discussed how managers become less flexible in communications with subordinates as the managers and executives progress in the corporate hierarchy caused by more stringent obligations and performance expectations of the new positions. This break in communication affects how the executives and managers get to know their subordinates and leads to more employees not drinking when lead to water.
The focus of this paper is to cultivate a better understanding of motivational theories, not thirsty horses, for effective implementation to find what makes and what keeps employees motivated (Bateman, 2010; Bell & Smith, 2010; Bohm, 2012; Fiol, Pratt, & O'Connor, 2009; Nickerson, Yen, & Mahoney, 2012; Park & Rainey, 2012; Țebeian, 2012; Žikić, Marinović, & Trandafilović, 2012). First, the paper will focus on four specific motivations theories for needs, expectancy, equity, and attitude...

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