Motivation And Motivation For A Business Essay

Motivation And Motivation For A Business Essay

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Motivation, simply put, is a person’s desire or willingness to do something. We all have motivation to do things at some level but the ability to affect another person’s motivation is one of the things that separates good leaders from poor ones. Increasing motivation in employees increases their output and makes companies more profitable. The other side of that is decreasing motivation and that can have dire consequences for a business.
Each of us has in internal desire to do things. That desire is our motivation. How strongly we feel about something directly affects our willingness to do it. It can be a positive feeling to do something you want or a negative feeling to not do something you didn’t want to do. In either case the motivation to do the task is the desire or willingness to do it. There are many things that affect us and many of them can be influenced. The stronger we feel about an issue or the more you enjoy something the more likely we are do something that moves us towards a goal. That internal reward or desire is intrinsic motivation.
Extrinsic motivation is where an external force changes your desire to do a thing. Coaches get us to do things we didn’t really want to do for the betterment of the team. Supervisors use various reward systems to get more performance out of each of us. This is partially explained by a theory called the Kohler effect where group members perform better when they believed their performance was critical in reaching a goal they personally believed in (Thompson, 2014). The outside force gets more performance from you than you knew you had to give or more than you wanted to give. Motivation, both intrinsic and extrinsic, is a force that can be used for changing a person’s ...

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...erson’s salary to be effective. Job Enrichment could be found by sharing tasks or involvement in groups or teams. Management support for each was critical but in the case of Job Enrichment especially so otherwise people would think they were being asked to do more for the same or less money. He found that after implementing production targets the median performance change was a positive 16 percent and after the introduction of monetary rewards the median change in productivity was a positive 30 percent. (Greiner, 1981)
Some of the studies spoke about monetary rewards or job enrichment but each of them found a link between improved employee motivation and productivity. The common theme between the studies and the research is that as employees believe their thoughts and opinions matter and that they can make a difference their motivation and productivity improve.

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