Motivation And Its Impact On Academic Achievement Essay

Motivation And Its Impact On Academic Achievement Essay

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Motivation plays a huge role in an adolescents academic achievement as well as hugely influencing the learning of the adolescent. Adolescence is a time of growth, change and preparation into adulthood. Motivation is essential to allow students to achieve their academic best through school, as this can have significant implications on future employment and career opportunities.

As adolescents go through the change from primary school, into high school, many changes occur that require more responsibility. This change in scene is complicated with a large increase in work that needs to be completed outside of school, as well as the difficulty of this work. If a student struggles to keep up with this work and starts to fall behind, this may result in a decline of academic grades, which can effectively lead to a loss of self-efficacy about succeeding in school. Self-efficacy is a students expectation or judgement of how well, or how poorly, they can cope with a situation, given the skills possessed and the circumstance faced. (O.Donnell, A. 2013). There are a few other things that can affect a students self-efficacy, which include prior mastery experiences (how a students actions affect their confidence), vicarious experiences (what others are doing and how), Verbal persuasion, and physiological states such as stress. As a students self-efficacy diminishes, adolescents may involve themselves with students who have unfavourable views about the value and importance of school. Contrary to this, students with a strong self-efficacy can rise above low-achieving peers and the pressures to follow in their ways.

To succeed in school, self-regulatory skills come into place. These can be for example goal-setting, time management, self evalua...

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...rol in their learning, create a threat-free environment, the use of positive competition between class mates, offering rewards, allowing students to work together, giving praise when earned and tracking students progress, and allowing the students to see how far they have come through out the year. All of these strategies can help improve a students motivation to succeed which in turn should have a huge impact on their academic achievements.

In conclusion, through both behaviourism and social cognitive theory, teachers are able to effectively promote a productive learning environment and get the best out of their students. Teachers who also help their students motivate themselves will find that their students will strive for excellency, demonstrating the best they can be. Without motivation, a students learning and their academic achievements are greatly impacted.

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