Motivation and How to Motivate Others Essay

Motivation and How to Motivate Others Essay

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Motivation is one of the most discussed topics in the present psychologists like Maslow and Herzberg are dedicating their efforts to understanding it. Companies are investing a significant amount of resources in improving productivity in order to make bigger profits. One of these important resources of human nature. In order to get the best out of employees, some motivational approaches need to be used. But what is motivation and how do I successfully motivate? I will try to relate one of my personal experiences with a friend to some of the most motivational theories. After introducing my story and making a definition of motivation I will address the ideas of the best in a historical order. The outcome of it shows that with the help of my shared experiences. I finally reached my aim of successfully motivating another person.
The story I want to discuss deals with a situation I had experienced, a year ago in I tried to motivate a friend of mine I faced some difficulties during our discussions but ultimately I succeeded in motivating my friend to follow his dream. In the following paragraphs I am going to reflect on that situation and pointing out the motivational techniques that were successful as well as the ones which did not help or were good during the motivational process.

The word motivation is made from the Latin word ‘movere’ which means to move something. Baron 1983 says that “motivation is a set of process concerned with a kind of force that energizes behavior and directs it towards achieving some specific goals” Baron, 1983, According to Kreitner and Kinicki 2001, p.162 motivation represents “those psychological processes that cause the stimulation, persistence of voluntary actions that are goal directed”. T...

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...ty and location of accommodation, the types of individuals one must deal with, the ability to communicate effectively and so on, I do understand now that this is very likely to cause a fair amount of apprehension and self doubt. The successful outcome of my friend’s studies would be measurable later progression to well paid employment with good c will be discernible, at least no financial ones. In how far experiences and new friendships can be measured remains questionable. The goal should be somehow attainable refers to the theory of Locke and Latham and has been discussed before. Still, I have to mention that during the motivational process I had to be very careful for my friend not to feel overburdened with my expectations.
That the goal is very relevant and rewarding was clear to my friend, it did not take much effort on my part.

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