Motivation A Person 's Incentive For Motivation

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It is not surprising that from time to time, a person is bound to wake up to one lingering question in their head: Why? Why do this? Why do that? Motivation is not how something will get one or when; it is however, what exactly will it take, or motivate a person in order for them to get the task at hand done. In the majority of cases, what it takes for a person to get something done is more often than not, some sort of incentive or perhaps a goal. A person 's incentive for motivation can range anywhere from their education they strive to achieve, a career plan in which they see themselves furthering their position or their family who depends on them to put a roof over their heads and food on the table, and in some cases, a person 's motivation is driven by nothing more than their own self determination. To some, it is having the willpower to get up from a late night to attend an early morning class that has the capability to bore a person stiff. For that full-time student who lives off cheap corner store coffee, they know that each time they pull an all nighter in the library, it means that they are just one step closer to having a brighter, financially stable future that they were promised. It means, to them, that no longer will they have to work three jobs to support themselves. As tiring as it is, going from one class to the next, people continually push themselves to go further, to do more, and to strive to pursue their dream goals. It is the thought that all the long nights of studying and the hectic class schedules will be well worth it in the future that keeps them going. People do not always put themselves through school in light of wanting to educate themselves further, they go for the reason that they know what is to com... ... middle of paper ... ...ves. The feeling of having, or needing to prove something to another person motivates them. Having said that, many people who feel as though they have a point to prove, whether it be to themselves or to their peers, tend to also be intensely competitive. It is because of this competitive nature that a person with this particular mentality; or rather, motivational drive, will go to great lengths to fulfill their much desired goals. It is obvious that what motivates people varies from one person to another. It may be easy for some people to identify the steps in which it takes to fulfill a goal, but for others, it takes a great deal more. Needless to say, having the motivation to get something done is always beneficial. Better yet, having something or someone to motivate them to follow through and do whatever it may be, makes the task at hand much easier to accomplish.
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