Motivating Teachers to Use Tecnology Essay

Motivating Teachers to Use Tecnology Essay

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The students in today’s classrooms cannot fathom a world without computers, video games, and smart phones. These students are tech-savvy as they play, learn, and communicate in a connected, digital world. School administrators and curriculum planners have come to the realization that they must meet students in their world by using technology to present meaningful and engaging lessons for all students. No longer can schools continue using the standardized teaching model, which became popular during the industrial based economy of the 1900’s (Jacob, 2013). Instead, educators must be willing to embrace the movement to the 21st century schools where technology enables personalized learning for all students. In addition, teachers must be educated as well as motivated to use technology as a tool to provide individualized learning for each child. Teachers need to gain the skills and knowledge to successfully utilize these powerful tools within the classroom setting.
However, Burns (2010) stated that even though technology has been incorporated into schools over the last 25 years, many teachers still do not have the skills or the confidence to use computers for classroom instruction. Some teachers complain they have no time to integrate technology into their learning segments, while others admit to not knowing how. While there are numerous reasons why teachers are not using technology in the classroom, the reason most mentioned is the lack of sufficient training (Kingsley, 2007).
The majority of schools now have computer labs as well as computers in each classroom. In addition, over 90 percent of all school has internet access. Nevertheless, 30 percent of the teachers in classroom state their students only use computers on...

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