Motivating Employee Motivation Within Disability Determinations Essay

Motivating Employee Motivation Within Disability Determinations Essay

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Inspiring Employee Motivation within Disability Determinations
Studies over the years have shown that motivation within the workplace is important for workers to have. Motivation, whether it intrinsic or extrinsic, will enable an employee to put forth at least an acceptable amount of effort in order to properly perform his or her job. Oftentimes, motivation will push an employee to perform above expected standards. One of the issues that the CDI unit within the Disability Determinations agency of Shreveport, Louisiana has is that workers are not properly motivated. Not all of the workers within this unit has lack of motivation, but there are enough that it affects both unit statistics and unit morale. It is often difficult to remain motivated when an individual notices that another individual is not performing to standard, yet does not suffer any consequences. In order for the CDI unit to remain productive, a change project is proposed to motivate the workers in the unit to working more effectively and efficiently.
Presenting the Problem
Employee motivation within the CDI unit is a significant issue. There are time management issues which further compounds the problem. When working on a caseload, the examiner must be efficient and timely with decisions. Some examiners within our unit lack critical thinking skills and are unable to sustain productive work independently. While there are significant issues that prevent an examiner from performing to the best of his or her ability, I believe the lack of motivation is the most detrimental. There are several reasons that examiners lack motivation. One of the most important reasons, I believe, is that we are public sector employees. Often in the public sector, it is more d...

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It is important that change which creates motivation within the agency is at every level. The employees need to be inspired to be motivated, but the change leaders need to undergo some sort of change as well. They must determine what it is that will inspire the employees and what it is that causes them to work slowly. While it is likely that the employees’ lack of motivation is due to their own internal struggles (e.g., laziness, inability to be creative and innovative, or some other facet yet discovered), the leaders must evaluate their own abilities and how they interact with the employees. It is important to discover what works and what does not work with each individual employee. One person may not be inspired by the same treatment that inspires another person. These factors need to be determined by each change leader involved in this intervention.

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