Motivating A Student For Becoming Successful Is Never The Same. All Students

Motivating A Student For Becoming Successful Is Never The Same. All Students

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My approach with motivating a student to become successful is never the same. All students
are capable of learning. Unfortunately, many learn at different paces, which may not be
consistent with their current grade level or age group. I’ve learned to keep trying. Each student is
different. The pace of their success is at different levels. I often had classrooms with the majority
of the students performing below grade level and had behavior issues. According to Cushman
(2014) educators lay the foundation to motivation when they create a safe and caring
environment for students (Cushman, 2014, p.19). As a teacher, I’ve always succeeded with
bringing students up to where they needed to be or higher than what they were before. I’ve
always encouraged students to be successful and provided feedback to them that would
encourage them to be make changes in the future. I taught them how to be responsible for their
own learning. I kept them excited about what else they could learn about a skill or topic that was
taught to them.
Linnenbrink and Pintrich (2002) explains self-efficacy is a judgment based on actual
accomplishments and failures (Linnenbrink & Pintrich, 2002, p. 315). As a teacher leader I will
build students’ self-efficacy by allowing them to show how they are responsible for their own
learning. Hopefully, their confidence will increase and they will accomplish new tasks without
any doubt. When students are given the opportunity to show or demonstrate what they have
learned, they will process it and be able to apply it to new learning. For example, to encourage
appropriate performances for students with behavior challenges, each student will be allowed to
explain to each other before they complete a...

... middle of paper ... successful because they have
the qualities to help others. The more practice they get at reading to someone else, their
confidence levels will rise to know that they can progress to grade level performance. Even the
students who display off tasks behaviors will become role models to students. By practicing
leadership skills, the students will become motivated that other students depend on them to be
examples of how to act while they read books together. Students will learn responsibility for
their own actions and performances. Also, students will be guided to create a survey for them to
follow to make sure they stay on task. For example, the students will give the survey to the
students they read to every week. Hopefully, the students will be inspired to continue to be
positive role models at all times by demonstrating accountability for their actions.

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