Motivate Employees Motivated And Active At The Workplace Essay

Motivate Employees Motivated And Active At The Workplace Essay

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Motivate Employees

Any company should always strive for the best to keep their employees motivated and active in the workplace. Paula Leech, Microsoft Dubai Manager stated that, “A great place to work is where there is trust between leaders, management and employees, where people are known to be open...I think it is also critical that people enjoy what they do and be themselves in a connected welcoming and fun way.” Microsoft has done the following to keep their employees motivated. One of the things that Microsoft did to keep their employees engaged was to involve them in the big moments. Microsoft holds an annual meeting in the stadium in Seattle but employees elsewhere felt left out. Microsoft bought 27 influential employees to its meeting. So when the online viewers joined it helped them experience what was it like to be part of Microsoft and to be able to be heard. One of Maslow hierarchy of needs is belongingness. These employees wanted to seek out more belongingness in the company. That is when Microsoft stepped up and decided to have more employees be able to interact and be heard in their meetings. Microsoft offer many benefits to their employees one of them is healthcare. This includes access to a 24 hour healthline. Microsoft is also the first major corporation to offer a benefit for autism therapy. Another benefit that microsoft offers is family and parenting. This benefit includes adoption fee assistance, maternity leave, paid time off for new parents, and discounts on child-care service. Employees may also invest in a 401(k) plan that includes a company match on contributions and an employee stock purchase program. Employees also get to purchase microsoft shares at a discount. Microsoft also encourages constant l...

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... analysts polled by Yahoo Finance. Earnings per share were 61 cents, higher than the 51 cents analysts were expecting.” This is great to hear because these were just the results for Microsoft 's third quarter in 2015. Another great thing that is going to help Microsoft even more is the buying of Nokia for $7.2 Billion. Over the next couple of years financial analysts that are following Microsoft’s stock project that they are expected to grow at an average earning of 9%. At this rate everything that Microsoft is doing has been showing a positive outlook for the company for the future. They take care of their employees, make good business decisions, and show that they have a great culture. They have been thriving for the past forty years as a tech company and by the company 's projections and decisions they are making they definitely are in the market for the long run.

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