Essay on Motion Sickness Treatments

Essay on Motion Sickness Treatments

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Remember a time when you are sick to your stomach while riding on a bus, on a rocking boat or a bumpy airplane ride? Then you know the discomfort of motion sickness. Although it can not be considered as a long-term problem, motion sickness can make your life a little miserable, especially for those people who do a lot of traveling, although the more travels made, the more you get used to motion. For most people, motion sickness is just a minor annoyance. Some people, however, can be incapacitated by motion sickness.
Most common sign and symptoms of motion sickness are a general sense of not feeling very well, vomiting, nausea, headache, cold sweating even though you are not overheated, dizziness and a pale appearance. Motion sickness occurs when some areas of the body that detect motion particularly the inner ear, send unexpected or conflicting message to the brain. Symptoms fade away soon after the motion stops. Sometimes it will take a few days for symptoms to go away. Sometimes just thinking that something will happen can cause nervousness or agitation are symptoms of motion sickness.
Many people may experience motion sickness when riding on a boat or a ship.This condition is referred to as seasickness. There is no difference between seasickness and motion sickness. They are one and the same disorder.
There are three strategies of motion sickness treatment namely behavioral, medication and stimulation (alternative).
The behavioral way of motion sickness treatment is just simply the avoidance of too much motion, if possible to stop the motion. But in case, you aren’t able to avoid or stop the motion, you just have to settle in an area with the least motion. Eating a a dry soda, sipping on a clear, carbonated drink like ginge...

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