The Motion Direction Of An Object Essay

The Motion Direction Of An Object Essay

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1. Which of the following statement is TRUE?
A. An object that is at rest or is in motion moves at a constant velocity is not subject to any outside forces.
B. When the velocity of an object is equal to zero, it must be in balanced status.
C. If an object changes its status, it must be subject to outside forces.
D. The motion direction of an object must be the same as the direction of net force that exert on it.

2. Which of the following statement is TRUE? Inertia
A. There is no inertia when we walk, but there is inertia when we are fixed onto something, for example, riding a roller coaster.
B. An object has inertia when it must be subject to any outside force; when a force exerts on it, its inertia is overcome and then it changes its status.
C. Objects with greater speed have greater inertia, because objects with greater speed are harder to stop.
D. Inertia is the resistance of any objects, and everything has intertie.

3. On the deck of a ship, which is moving northward with a constant velocity, an athlete is going to perform a long jump. If he jumps to different directions, using the same strength:
A. Jumping towards north will be the farthest
B. Jumping towards west will be the farthest
C. Jumping towards east will be the farthest
D. Jumping towards any directions will result in the same distance

4. When one jumps off from a moving car, one could easily fall…
A. Toward the direction that the car moving to.
B. Toward the opposite direction that the car moving to.
C. Toward the right side of the car
D. Toward the left side of the car

5. According to the figure, there are two balls, whose mass is m1 and m2 (m1>m2), on a very long, flat, smooth surface car. At the beginning, those two balls move with the car. If the car stop...

... middle of paper ... is 6m, which is much higher than the record of normal high jump; this is because gravitational potential energy of body changes to kinetic energy.
B. Pile driver piling uses kinetic energy instead of gravitational potential energy.
C. Modern large-scale hydropower plants change gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy to produce electricity.
D. A sled slid down from a mountain transfer kinetic energy to gravitational potential energy.

20. There is a small ball whose mass is m and it is moving on a flat, smooth surface, which has height H, at a velocity v. When it leaves the flat surface and rolls down along an inclined plane, it passes point A which height is h. When the small ball pass point A:
A. Its gravitational potential energy is mg (H-h)
B. Its kinetic energy is mgh + mv2/2
C. Its kinetic energy is mg (H-h)
D. Its Mechanical energy is mgH + mv2/2

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