Essay on The Mother Of The Bride

Essay on The Mother Of The Bride

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They gaze into each others eyes for a few precious seconds, the band breaks the spell. Playing a Leonard Cohan song “Dance me to the end of love,” Lance takes Sarah and they dance. I feel the magic of them throughout the bar, and soon everyone else is up and dancing as the band plays several more beautiful love songs. I want to wish them happiness, even though I know the precarious nature of young love, and just as I think I’m going to get a chance to say congrats to them, the dance floor clears.

“Time for the father of the bride to dance with the bride.” Lance says, handing Sarah over to Lew Diaz, who holds his beautiful bride daughter like she will break as the band plays a LeeAnn Wormach song “I hope you dance.” I see more than a few wet eyes in the audience. The mother of the bride, Emma Diaz draws my attention sitting with her other daughters, I watch tears sliding down her face. I know this is a hard day for them. I slide over near her table.

“We raise our children, especially our daughters thinking they will be there in our lives forever,” she tells me “could I have some water“. I put her glass of water as a priority over all the other drinks. She is the mother-of-the-bride, after all. When I bring it back to her, she holds on to my arm tight with her hand and looks into my eyes, a smile crosses her lips but not her eyes.

There stands Phases, near the front of the stage where BJ has set up. I have never seen him look so polished. He is wearing a suit, with a new hair cut his black curls look even shorter than usual, and with his well shaven face he does look clerical. He is still as quiet as ever standing there. Images of the wedding cross my mind.

I imagine Phases saying. “So you want to get married.”

“Yes” from S...

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...ther $100 dollars as a tip when he leaves. Yes, a good night. A nickel and a penny tip from the woo woo girls. After the waitress give me my share of their tips, and I give JJ a nice cut, as do they. Taking out $75. I tuck it in a napkin on the outside I write, for you Joe thanks it went so smooth. I go home with $417.06. The best night I’ve had since our team won the hockey game last February. It comes during a good time, my old car has been acting up, and I need to take it to the garage and get it fixed. Always something…

As I wash down the front tables, I see the black Hearse, drive by somewhat slower than previously, and they were already driving slow. Tomorrow I will ride my bike around and see if I can figure out who the owner is. Tonight, I am tired, fulfilled and ready to go home. Yet, I also hear Lances voice, “They’re not exactly who they appear to be.”

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