Essay on Mother Daughter Relationships : Everyday Use And Two Kinds

Essay on Mother Daughter Relationships : Everyday Use And Two Kinds

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Mother Daughter Relationships: “Everyday Use” and “Two Kinds”
Based on the mother daughter relationships in the two short stories, the moms and the daughters have a different perspective of what their heritage is, how they should live their lives, and what should influence them. “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan expresses the conflict between a Chinese mother and daughter. “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker discusses the differences in opinion between a mother who followed her culture and her daughter that went to live a different life. In both stories the moms and the daughters see life differently, but at the end of the story there is a peace between the daughters and their mothers.
The moms and daughter from “Every Day Use” and “Two Kinds” view their heritage differently. The Mom in “Two Kinds” follows her customs and beliefs. She believes that Chinese daughters should be obedient. Amy Tan wrote that after the daughter and her mother got in a fight the mother replied, “Only one kind of daughter can live in this house. Obedient daughter!” (392). The mother believed that what she wanted her daughter to do she should do. The mother’s heritage also lead her to believe that if you try hard that you will not mess up. Toward the end of Amy Tan’s story the mom gives the daughter the piano, but the daughter says she can’t play anymore the mom replied “You just not trying”(393). The mother believed that her daughter could play she just wasn’t trying. However, the Daughter in “Two Kinds” wished to make her own decisions instead of being obedient. She wanted to be able to make mistakes and follow her own heart. The daughter wanted to have a normal college life even though it was against her mother’s wishes. The Mom in “Everyday Use” was lik...

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... However, at the end of each stories there is an understanding of the other intentions. In “Two Kinds” the daughter understands that the mother wanted the best for the daughter. When the mom gives the piano the relationship is mended. In “Everyday Use” the mom and daughter still do not see eye to eye with each other life but their accepting of each other lives. The mom makes an effort to adjust to Dee’s new name and Dee tries to incorporate her old her heritage into her new life. From both stories you learn that mothers and daughter do not always see eye to eye. However, there will always be things you have in common with your mother. In “Two Kinds” the mom and daughter are both independent and make their own decisions. In “Everyday Use” the mom and daughter are strong willed and stubborn. Both stories are easily applicable to peoples’ daily lives.

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