The Most Traumatizing Experience : My Experience Essay

The Most Traumatizing Experience : My Experience Essay

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The Most Traumatizing Experience
When I was six I went through the most traumatizing experience any six year old can go through. It was 2002 during Christmas break and one morning I woke up so early that I was the only one awake in the house except my older sister who was in charge of my siblings and I while my parents were out working. I was so hungry and wanted to have breakfast but I couldn’t do it for myself because my mom always told me not to use the kitchen owing to the fact that she was afraid that I might cause a fire because of my young age.
I went to my older sister who had the privilege of using the kitchen to ask for her help but she told, me that it was to early to prepare anything and It would be better if I waited till my other siblings to wake up so that she can make breakfast for all of us. What she said was reasonable but being the arrogant t little kid I was, I refused and demanded that she would start cooking something. My sister ignored me and went to the bathroom and locked the door. Our bathroom door was made of thick glass. It was so thick that you couldn’t see through it. I followed my sister and as soon as she locked the door I started banging on the door so hard to get her out so that she can start breakfast for the royal prince (Me).
My sister Ignored me and the more she did the harder I banged on the door until the bang that broke the whole door and made a huge cut in my hand. I took a look at the door and then at my hand then started crying. I didn’t understand anything other then I was hurt, very badly. My sister was shocked; she rushed to the phone and called my mom. My mom came in 5 minutes picked me up, took a look at my hand then started crying which made me scared. When we arrived to the ho...

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...e guy. I said no so he asked to nurses to hold me down but I fought back until he let 2 nurses hold each of my arms and legs until was out. I couldn’t feel anything until I woke up on a bed next to my mom. I felt my arm being so heavy but it was just the cast. My mom informed the doctors that I was awake. They came checked on me and said that it was okay for me to leave. We all went to my grandparents house were I was treated like a king. My mom got me like 10 juice boxes, my grandma made me my favorite meal, my grandfather gave me money and all my siblings and cousins were asking about my experience as if I was a movie star. The cast was huge burden on me but because of it I didn’t have to go to school for a long time after Christmas break was over and even when I went to school I starting beating up my friends with it, some people never learn from their mistakes.

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