The Most Stressed Out Generation? Young Adults Essay example

The Most Stressed Out Generation? Young Adults Essay example

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The article “The Most Stressed-Out Generation? Young Adults” was written by Alexandra Sifferlin, for Time in 2013. This article was about how stress levels have risen in young adults according to a survey by the American Psychology Association. The research method was a correlational observation through a survey that “involved more than 2,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and older who answered an online survey in August 2012” (2013).
This type of research can be unreliable if people do not know what stress truly is; Peterson says “One particular problem with surveys and interviews is the tendency of participants to answer questions in a way that will make them look good rather than in a way that communicates what they truly think or feel” (as cited in King, 2013, pg. 18). An example of this for the article could be people declaring they are stressed, when in reality they are only mildly stressed and say it to make it look like they care a lot more about their job. Another fall back on surveys is they might get a group that is abnormal the average person they wish to study. An example of this could be, if the 2000 people who filled out this survey happened to be people who work in a cubicle job, and while they were supposed to be doing work they decided to procrastinate and take this survey; this would make the data have more stress because the people doing the survey was a group of extra stressed people.
Researching by using a survey can be useful because it was probably was not difficult to create this survey, or complete it. In my experience I have found it takes almost no time to set up a survey on many websites, especially if it is run through a company like “the American Psychological Association” who most likel...

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... (King, 2013, pg. 46). Reading this book or others like it could get the information a researcher was looking for.
The article “The Most Stressed-Out Generation? Young Adults” was written to explain who was affected by stress by age group. This project helped me to understand that articles can be less reliable than they seem; this may be a well-known company, but still there is a lot of room for error in survey type research. I can apply what I learned from reading this article and the textbook by being more skeptical about what I read, before I took the company who wrote the article as being credible because they were widely known. I can also use what I learned to think critically with what I learned; I can combine the information that I already know with the new research I will read to achieve greater understanding of the article I will read in the future.

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