Essay about The Most Significant Consequences Of The Civil War

Essay about The Most Significant Consequences Of The Civil War

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Identify and describe what you believe were the three most significant consequences of the Civil War. Justify your selection and indicate which consequence you think was the most important and why.
After the Civil War, America changed dramatically. The people of the U.S. were in shock over the amount of loss, mothers, fathers, wives, and children were mourning the loss of loved ones. The war was devastating. Families were torn apart: some fought on opposites sides and some were killed. It was a dark time in American history. Political parties changed, slaves were freed, and a stronger national government was established.
At the end of the war, reconstruction started, and the Republicans took over. The political system of America was changed. Even the definition of being an American citizen was altered. The South was being reconstructed socially, politically, and economically. White men lost their voting privileges, if they did not agree to the new terms that were put before them. Congress refused to seat southern elected officials, because of the Black Codes. Eventually, laws were passed that ensure African American freedoms from suppression, though it would a long time before they ever reached equality.
The second most significant consequence of the Civil War was the three new Amendments to the Constitution: 13,14, and 15. Slaves were made citizens. They were given the right to vote were given equal protection under the law. After being slaves for generations, African Americans were free. The Southern states hated it, but the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments have had a huge impact on America.
Thirdly, the Federal government took on the responsibility of protecting all of its citizens. The states no longer sho...

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...of an individual state. The sides of this level headed discussions were to a great extent drawn in the middle of northern and southern states, in this way broadened the developing gap inside of the country. Additional territories gained the U.S.–Mexican War of 1846–1848 uplifted the servitude talk about. Abolitionists battled to have subjected pronounced unlawful in those domains, as the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 had done in the region that turned into the conditions of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Supporters of subjection expected that if the establishment were denied in any states cut out of the new domains the political force of slaveholding states would be reduced, potentially to the point of servitude being banned all over the place inside of the United States. Genius and abolitionist subjugation gatherings raced to populate the new reign.

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