The Most Recent Cold Cases That Top The Texas Rangers Essay examples

The Most Recent Cold Cases That Top The Texas Rangers Essay examples

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Ten Most Recent Cold Cases That Top the Texas Rangers List
The great lone star state is a beautiful place to travel or even raise a family. With many big cities, it attracts visitors from around the world. However, in this article, we will look into a darker, more mysterious side of Texas.
Texas is not a stranger to murder. From 2000 to 2013 it averaged about five and a half murders per year. Many of the homicide cases get solved, but then there are those that turn cold and are left a mystery. The following list tells the story of the top ten high profile murder cases that have not been solved.
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10 Hate Crime in Madison County
There are definitely two sides in the argument about whether being homosexual is moral. The people that stand on the side of homosexuality being sin protest preach and sometimes even bully, but one person from the side took his stance too far and committed murder. In Madison County Texas, a gay man by the name of Jim Martin was likely the victim of a hate crime. Police found his burned out car in Leon County two days after his mother reported him missing. His car was believed to be used to run over a woman before it was set on fire. They believe his body was discarded in the alligator and snake infested wooded area surrounding Lean and Madison County. Many leads where followed and interviews conducted, but eventually law enforcement brought the search for Jim Martin to a temporary halt until they receive more evidence. The case is still ongoing, but there is no news of his body being found. Jim Martin has red hair and green eyes, weighs 155 pounds and is 5 for 8.
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... middle of paper ... would be abducted on the way to a Doctor’s appointment. Sadly, this is what happened to Emily Garcia. On February 12, 1993, Emily Garcia parted ways with her mother at a bus station and headed off to her appointment. On her way she was kidnapped and held captive for twelve days. She was beaten, sexually abused and eventually strangled. Her unrecognizable nude body was found Feb 25, 1993 near Cranes Mill Road in Comal County. It was only when a family friend called her parents that her identity was verified. The case is still open, but as time passes the case grows colder and colder. Emily’s family has not given up hope and still hopes to bring her killer to justice.
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