Essay on The Most Powerful Weapon On Earth

Essay on The Most Powerful Weapon On Earth

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“The most powerful weapon on earth, is the human soul on fire.” How does this quote by

Ferdinand Foch have anything to do with me wanting a Master’s degree from Bethel University?

Foch was a French soldier, military analyst and writer during World War I, who’s quote has

inspired many, including myself. This quote symbolizes that there is nothing in the world that

can stop anyone from pursuing and obtaining their goals-as long as they do so with passion.

With this quote, I am constantly reminded that if approached with tenacity and passion, anything

is accessible; everything is within reach. I believe that by acting passionately in all my

endeavors, both personal and academic, I will be successful..

My desire to earn a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice stems from my deep rooted

passion for law enforcement. I knew from an early age I wanted to be a police officer, and that I

wanted to help people in need, as well as make a difference in my society and community. When

the opportunity to pursue my dream presented itself, I had been a college athlete for two years. I...

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