The Most Popular Instrument of All Time: The Trumpet Essay

The Most Popular Instrument of All Time: The Trumpet Essay

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Throughout history, music has changed. One instrument has been able to stand the testament of time. Many instruments have had their time, but faded away. The trumpet has survived them all. It is probably the most popular instrument of all time. With talented musicians like Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis, the trumpet has been able to endure. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the careers of Armstrong and Davis, and how the trumpet became their way into Jazz.
Louis Armstrong was born on August 4th 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Louis had a hard and painful childhood. In 1922 at the age of 21 Louis moves to Chicago to play cornet in a band lead by Joe Oliver. In September 1924 he leaves Oliver and moves to New York City to join the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra. On November 12th 1925 Louis makes his first recordings as a leader with his own group named the Hot Five. On June 28 1928 Armstrong records one of the most famous jazz songs recorded called “West End Blue”. In 1947 he performs in Carnegie Hall with a small group and his big band. On July 6 1971 Louis passes away in his sleep at his home in Corona. Louis picked up his style from the many cities that he traveled to. Armstrong helped to create the transition to the swing period. Per his biography "He taught the world to swing", "He spread the language of jazz around the world, serving as an international ambassador of swing." His extensive travel from 1925 to 1928 introduced his music too much more people. Around 1930 Armstrong made his first film and radio appearances. He starred in the best theaters, dance halls, and nightclubs. Per the biography, Armstrong formed a small ensemble called the All-Stars, in 1947; they were a group of extraordinary players whose succ...

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... focused on continuing to be relevant in pop culture. Davis died in September 1991, reportedly suffering from pneumonia, respiratory failure, and a stroke.
Both men left a legacy not only in the world of Jazz, but also in the world of the trumpet. They were important during their times, and still maintain a high place in the history of Jazz. In my opinion I think what Miles Davis was able to do was remarkable. He was able to move from style to style becoming the best at whatever he decided he would do. He wasn’t afraid to fail, and he wasn’t afraid of the Jazz community and purists. He was into making music. Just some groovy tunes that everyone could enjoy. They didn’t need to be labeled or put into a definitive box. They just were created to exist and influence anyone who listened to them. It was all about the art and the music. That’s all that really mattered.

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