Essay on Most People Think About Marriage

Essay on Most People Think About Marriage

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Most people think about “marriage”, whether it originates from a little child watching one of their Disney princess movies or a parent trying to help their kids find a potential spouse. Unfortunately, some marriages do not work out for the best. When two spouses don’t agree and eventually grow apart from each other, it will then lead to “divorce”. Divorce is when two spouses officially end their legal marriage, then both spouses usually separate from each other. Divorces can be painful, emotional and even liberating in times for the spouse. In today’s society, being divorced or even knowing someone being divorce is normal. In the United States alone, almost 40 to 50 percent of marriages end up divorced. It also estimated that 60 percent of second marriages end up getting divorced. When two spouses finally get divorced, it could lead to some possible consequences. These consequences could have a negative effect towards the children of the divorcees, the emotional and physical health of the divorcees, and could also be liberating for the divorcees.
Now, the question is why is there a huge amount of married couple’s actually getting divorced? Well, according to Dr. William H. Doherty, divorces can be caused by: being married at a young age, having less income and education, coming from a divorced family, consist disagreement from both spouses and more (H. Doherty n.d pg. 1). In a national survey conducted by a group of researchers, 73 percent of divorces happen because most couples lack “commitment” which was ranked first of reasons divorces happen. The next reason was a large amount of arguing in the relationship (56%), infidelity (55%), marrying at a young age (46%), having unrealistic expectations (45%), having a lack of unequ...

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...f psychological well- being, and have low amount of self-respect. Women are mostly impacted after the result of divorce. After divorce, the female self of steam declines and face a large amount of pressure. But not all females are effected by divorce. In a study, a group of divorce women that range from 20 to 50 years of age were studied to how they were impacted by divorce. In the studies, they discovered that younger women actually experienced less emotional/ mental strain compared to the older women of the group (Sharma, 2011. Pg. 125). In the result of health, divorcees are likely to suffer from a serious illness and more likely to die at an earlier age. A divorcee tends to lean to alcohol/drugs and a divorced adult (mostly males) consumes more alcohol compared to a married person which makes them the largest proportion of heavy drinkers (Waite, 2009. Pg. 96-97.)

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