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Most People Are Other People Essay

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Most People Are other People
Oscar Wilde once said long time ago that most people are other people. Therefore their thoughts are someone else opinion, their lives are mimicry. Some might say that is true, but I don’t think so, yes there are some people who think the same or do the same thing as someone else, especially when it comes to opinions. Nevertheless, some people do not like to be other people some people like to be different and unique in their own way.
Reason being is because people see other people being the same way, or thinking the same way because they think that would make them cooler if they thought the same way they did. However, some people do not see it that way being different and unique makes you cooler because you are your own person. For example, you see a famous person doing something on TV and you might think it is cool to do the exact same thing, but someone else can say no that’s not I would do something totally different than that person to make it more unique.
Sometimes people even think differently because they want to change the world to make a difference you cannot do that when you are thinking the same way as someone else. Since the reason being is that when you think, the same ways as someone else you want have your own opinion, and their opinion can be bad that want help nothing that is why people think differently because it is good to have your thoughts and opinions because your opinion might not be as bad as there’s. For example, when you at a job and there is subject that you are working on, and it is something that can help the world. In addition, your boss asks people what you think we can do to make the subject better, and someone gives a bad idea you’re not going just sit there...

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...ferent from someone else it can help you become successful because it is your goal instead someone else’s. Reason being because it is your dream not someone else it’s something that want to do that like forward to do in your life so you would try hard to do good and make your dream come true. For example, when thinking about a dream that you really want to do you want stop at nothing to obtain it because something that you want to do.
That is why I think people think differently because you have your own mindset and you will be able to achieve more in life because you are different and unique in your own way. It can help see yourself as a person instead of someone else and becoming successful, having a goal and to be your own person. Instead of being a robot who do or say the same thing is someone else who do not have his or her own mind about things.

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