Essay about Most Of You Don 't Know Me

Essay about Most Of You Don 't Know Me

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Most of you don 't know me. I 'm the girl who sits in the back of the class, too afraid of raising her hand in fear of looking dumb. The girl who is so afraid of saying the wrong thing she says nothing instead. Growing up, I always pictured life as this deep dark hole where everyone is falling, drowning in the insecurities of other people’s opinions while trying to figure out this thing called life. There came a time when my life was something that I couldn 't figure out. Depression became my friend and I stood numb as the sharp rejections of others cut the skin of my pride and the fear of being vulnerable started to shiver my soul. The words “You are a failure” rang in my ears and, as I stood there, I pictured myself falling, drowning, slipping away from life’s grasp as you know it hoping that somehow, someway, life would open itself up and save me. But I guess there are no lifeguards in this terrible sea of life or at least not in my case anyway.
It was the end of my 4th grade year and, as I maneuvered my way through the concert of people to my class, I had this sudden urge that it was going to be a good day. Greeting my teacher with the usual "Good Morning", I pranced my way into the multi-colored classroom filled with kids too high on life to sit still. I watched as a group of best friends drained from the previous night where they talked the moon to sleep and the stars grew tired of their company dragged themselves to class. It was math day and let’s just say math was the subject of evil in that room. I slumped in my chair trying not to be noticeable as the teacher explained the lesson of the day.
"Detoria can you show us how to finish the next problem?" my teacher said looking at me to complete th...

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...class, and blossomed into a perfect young woman. That little girl was me. It’s funny how after beating every obstacle that was ever placed in front of me, I still sometimes look myself in the mirror and see a complete failure. But instead of giving up; this time I decided to fight, to fight every battle that life throws at me and prove everyone wrong. I 've come to learn that there are millions of little girls in the world who feel just like I did little girls who are lost and depressed enslaved to the words of the people around them. Instead of watching them slowly fall down the pit of life, I 'm making it my mission to help them get through this terrible time in their life. Today I still look at life as this deep dark hole, only this time I’m not the one who’s falling; this time I can reach into that hole and pull someone out and help them make their life better.

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