Essay on Most of the Nation does not like STAAR

Essay on Most of the Nation does not like STAAR

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Most of the Nation does not like STAAR, or standardized tests. The reason is because most of all the students on the day of the test are completely stressed out, and worried about not succeeding. The STAAR is really a waste of time to me, but let’s NOT listen to me. Let me tell you some interesting facts I found. STAAR more than triples exit-level test load for high school students. “TAKS only required 4 final tests for high school graduation. By the STAAR, a student must pass 15 final tests, making it triple the high-stakes testing load for Texas.”

Not passing on one STAAR test can keep kids from graduating. Students must pass all EOC tests to graduate from high school, which can mean up to 15 standardized assessments each. English EOC has a reading and writing assessment to add to normal work, final exams, and other classroom assignments. Because STAAR EOC assessments count for fifteen percent of a student’s grade, failure to do well on a one standardized test may prevent a student from graduating.
STAAR scores can hurt chance for college . Many outstanding students may nevertheless do poorly on a single standardized test. Because STAAR results are required to count for 15% of a student’s grade, this single score may impact a student’s Grade Point Average and class rank both bad in college admissions. Colleges and universities admissions offices usually never request a student’s standardized state test scores because they know such tests are not designed to predict academic success, but they do look at class rank and GPAs. The EOC scores in final grades puts students at a disadvantage for college admissions against students from other states or against those from districts that do not convert EOC scores in the same way.http...

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... to just see if the student is actually paying attention in class, but that still doesn't mean that they should spend millions of dollars on one stupid test that can actually make you or break you. It’s not fair that students should have to work hard all year for it to just go to waste unless they pass. So I am NOT for standardized test at all. Hopefully this paper I have spent a lot of time on will actually go somewhere, and somebody important will see this to help use show the world that standardized don't do anything except for waist money, and put kids under pressure. So please help get this paper out, and show the world what standardized tests are doing. We can change the world, and not have to spend 5.37 billion dollars on tests. With that much money saved just imagine what we could do.

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