The Most Influential Part Of My Life Essay

The Most Influential Part Of My Life Essay

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We live in a society that is evolving, both physically and mentally. 1000 years ago, we had to worry about the safety of our community, make sure we had food to eat, and had a safe place to sleep. This didn 't give us much time to reflect on how to live life. We are an evolving species that learns from past experiences and apply it to our lives and the way we live it. Being able to do this is a form of freedom. Freedom of the mind allows us to reflect and explore on the principles that we have been taught and those that we have learned. There are many things in this world that shape us into who we are today. I believe that the most influential part of my life that has shaped me into the person I am today is my family. It has taught me honesty, hard work, devotion to your loved ones, selflessness, and kindness is a proper way to live your life.
There are many definitions of a family, but the most common one that comes to most of our minds when I say family are your mother, father and siblings. This would be considered your immediate family. I would argue that family is more that that. It is the people that you consider the closest to you. Family should allow a person to develop. A good family environment has dialectic conversations on issues that are going on in your life. Investigating these issues allows you to see different points of views and allows wisdom to be transfer and applied. Also, having a family culture that allows you to voice your opinion and challenge the views that have been taught in the household transforms the person that you are today. This helps grow your mind and permits you to think critically about many things that are presented to you in life. Family also teaches you values and principles in life that w...

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...told me could be stories that he had learned and that all of these principles came from the bible. They could challenge that my views on life are because of this religion. They could say that this view on religion I have is unhealthy and not the right way to look at it. Well, I know that my father is a religious man. He is in his mid sixties. He has raised a family and allowed us to have our own beliefs and views. He has made sure to instill in us good principles that we can use and teach our children in the future. The flexibility that my father has given me has allowed me to develop as a person and make good, sound decisions on my own. These are principles and teachings that I hope to pass on to my children. I hope that one day I will be able to raise a family with the same principles, morals and open-mindedness and provide the atmosphere that I have had to develop.

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